A Lesson in Luxury

Never too young; cultivating an early appreciation for craftsmanship is a gift the little children will never forget.

As we mature, the more we rely on our closet staples: the leather jacket, the cozy jumper, the little black dress, and of course, that perfect leather bag. We believe that in the bag department especially, it’s never too early to start collecting. While sparkles, sequins and pony backpacks are certainly fun, introducing fine creations to girls of any age is an important lesson in appreciating quality over quantity. Not only will these bags last for years well beyond their artificial counterparts, but their styles will prove timeless and enduring.

This begs the question … are genuine, quality bags always unaffordable? Not necessarily. See below for our definitive guide on choosing the perfect bag for that lucky little girl.  

Material: There are different materials that comprise a handbag, but the most durable and worthwhile investment is always leather. Leather itself has different grades based on its originality and tanning method. Italian vegetable tanned leather has long been regarded as the most premium type of leather. Not only does it last long, but it also reveals a stunning gradience based on how frequently it’s used. This is what we call patina. Only natural ingredients are used in the vegetable tanning process, making it a safer choice for children and younger girls.

Style: Staying on top of what’s in season can be exhausting for young girls and parents alike. Show them early on that it makes sense to buy better and buy less. The simpler the design, the easier the bag can be worn with any outfit, guaranteeing a longer lifespan for the bag itself (and a lower cost per wear). While it may not be the most eye-catching bag on, it will be a bag that they can return to over the years.

Practicality: The best kind of bag is the one that is used often and easily. For young girls, we recommend striking a balance between being compact enough for smaller frames but roomy enough to carry all of their “essentials”.

Whether you’re shopping for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, another lucky recipient, we know that investing in quality pieces will prove both pragmatic and meaningful. It’s a lesson they won’t soon forget. Don't forget here is our recommendations. Happy shopping.