Keep on being freaking hilarious

Being a man is tough. On a particularly frustrating day a few weeks ago, I needed something to take the edge off. But instead of reaching for a glass of wine or setting up an extra kickboxing session, I found myself messaging my wife. "Rough day," I quickly tapped out. "I need something to cheer me up."

My inbox was soon flooded with hilarious statements, GIFs, and all around tomfoolery. Within minutes I was feeling more light-hearted than I had all day—and all because of my wife’s incredible ability to make me laugh. She always knows just what to do, and she’s always freaking hilarious. (At least to me.)

We all have support systems that work like this, and they’re what keep us going. For myself, I don’t need to be the most successful or remarkable person in the world, I just need to know that my family and my friends are there or me. That despite all the responsibilities I carry and the hurdles I encounter every day, I have people around me who are always by my side, always on my side, and always supporting me.

So do you. Check in! Reach out! And through everything, continue being freaking hilarious and awesome. Here is the product that comes with this particular quote.