Vegetable tanned products age beautifully

Tanning is in its essence, transforming animal skins into actual leather. 

Vegetable tanning is an ancient, environmentally friendly technique that uses natural tannins extracted from plants and trees to treat and process the leather. It begins with the selection of the very best European rawhides. These are then soaked in the natural tannic acids for more than 40 days, and emerge as beautiful, durable leather. The leather is then dyed all the way through, giving it an earthy feel and revealing its delicate grain. Because every skin is unique in shape and texture, each of our bags is has its own distinct pattern.  

Vegetable-tanned leather changes with time, just like everything else in nature. The vegetable-tanning process gives it a subtle, beautiful gradient of colour. Over time, lighter areas can darken slightly, and the whole bag will develop a warm and brilliant patina. This is the mark of well-loved leather bag, one that is taking on a character of its own after many years of joyful use. It is a sign that you treasure something truly exceptional.

All of our products are made with vegetable-tanned leather, they age beautifully like graceful men and women do. You can find them here