why we insist on best quality leather

In the era of fast fashion, alternative leather or PVC product seem to be more attractive for manufacturers and customers as the material costs for a full grain leather bag could cost 5 to 10 times more than split or PVC products. Why do some people still prefer buying full-grain leather and why do we Zenko still insist on using the best quality leather?

Full-grain leather and its product is expensive for a reason. Split leather could be much cheaper, in fact the profit margin for the seller is often higher, but the product using this cheaper form of leather usually last 1-2 years before peeling and cracking appears. On the contrary, the beautiful thing about using a full-grain leather bag is, especially if it is vegetable tanned ( we talk about vegetable tanning in another article), you would start to see a patina on the leather product as time goes by. It means the more you use it, the better and softer it would get. If you are familiar with the jewelry nature of Jade, it is more or less like that. In Zenko this is especially important and for you as customers, we want to bring joy to the people who receive it and we do want the joy and positive energy to last long. This is why we insist on using the most expensive type of leather even it means cutting into our margin.

Is Split Leather real leather?

Split leather is a type of real leather but it’s in its cheapest and thinnest form because it’s the lowest layer in a hide when being split into multiple layers

In order to use this form of leather in the manufacturing process of leather goods (leather bags for example), these split layers are heavily processed and stuffed with chemicals to make it strong enough to undergo the production process. This is one of the main reasons items that are made with split leather usually don’t last long!

Split leather would also need to go through another process which is to heat-press a grain pattern over it so that the appearance of full grain leather is also achieved.  For bags and wallets that are made with split leather, they usually needed to be backed by cloth padding and fillers to give it structure and support.

The claim on that leather is durable therefore does not apply to all kinds of leather! In Zenko we insist to use only the finest type of leather – full grain leather imported by Italy.

Is PU Leather real leather?

PU leather is a split leather that has been laminated with a polyurethane coating to make it look like a top grain leather. Nowadays with the advancement in technologies, PU leather is made in a way that makes it look exactly like pure leather. At times, PU leather comes with glossy surface which requires little or no maintenance, unlike real Cowhide leather’s surface that needs much cleaning and dusting. With that in mind, we should understand that pure leather especially full grain/top grain leather comes with scars and sometimes uneven tones as by nature its top part of a animal skin, whereas PU leather as it has a artificial coating it is always smooth and glossy.

Is PVC Leather real leather?

PVC is by nature a product of chemicals. It is the type of faux leather that is made by covering a base of synthetic material with vinyl, made from polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) and plasticizers. Since it’s a chemical mix, PVC has no pores and its waterproof, but this makes it become unendurable and unbreathable in hot temperatures.

We insist on giving you the best quality possible. Check out our products.