Each of the Zenko piece has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail, using only the finest quality full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather from ethically-sourced natural hides.

We have been mindful of preserving the individual character of each piece of leather we work with, retaining the natural markings and variations in grain, pattern, and color, to give you a unique product that will richly reward you with years of use.

The leather’s top layer has not been altered or coated, and so requires special care to retain its natural condition and color.

Please refer to the following care instructions for guidelines on caring for your Zenko leather product.

Care instructions

To store your natural leather product, place it in a fabric dust cover or pillowcase away from moisture, heat or sunlight. Never wrap it in plastic or store in any kind of airtight wrapping, as the natural leather needs to breathe to maintain its natural beauty.

If your natural leather product gets wet, leave it in a well-ventilated area to dry at room temperature. Keep it away from direct heat or sunlight, and ensure that the drying process is slow. Drying too quickly can alter the structure of the leather and cause it to buckle or warp.

 If your natural leather product gets too dry, gently massage a leather dressing or natural conditioner into it.  After this process, the leather may take on a darker shade for a little while but will return to its natural color again soon afterwards.

 If your natural leather product gets stained, clean it with a slightly damp cloth. A very small amount of mild detergent may be added to the water for tougher stains. Allow the wallet to dry completely before applying a leather dressing or conditioner.