Joy is best shared amongst family

Our mission is to create something truly extraordinary to own and share amongst a family, between husband and wife, mother and daughter. It’s all about the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift to your loved ones.

Designed for joy and handcrafted by the most skilled leather artisans, each Zenko piece is made of full grain vegetable-tanned leather, without altering or coating, it’s bound to be kept for decades and returned to as points of pride.

Care for it well, the leather will richly reward you as time passes by. The longer you use, the better it looks. We promise.

Leather Bags for the family

Your Assigned Guardian Angle

The zenkos are mythological creatures, foxes with magical abilities, guardian angles who will be there helping along. Smart, witty, artful, and brave, Zenko is all of that.

Zenko Leather Lining

Each leather bag comes with a colorful inner lining and signature inspirational quote patch, a little reminder of happiness to best fit into the lives of you and your loved ones. Comes with a bag, we give you your Zenko, your guardian angel, your little cheerleader who challenges your negative thoughts and gives you little reminders of positivity and happiness.